Rebecca Callahan, Esq. is an attorney mediator / arbitrator who specializes in resolving business disputes – large and small. She is on the Large Complex Case, Commercial, and Consumer Panels of the American Arbitration Association as both a mediator and arbitrator. She is also on the international panel of the American Arbitration Association (ICDR).

Rebecca has incorporated into her practice the use of remote technology tools to facilitate moving mediation and arbitration matters forward to a resolution even during these uncertain times due to COVID-19. She is equipped to offer virtual hearings and online mediations using a variety of video-conferencing platforms.

Rebecca also provides services to parties and their counsel as a settlement consultant in mediation. Typically, these services include working with the client and counsel in developing a settlement goal and negotiation game plan, drafting the mediation brief, attending the mediation to help with in-game decisions and strategic decisions regarding negotiation moves, and assisting with breaking impasse either at or after the mediation.

Engagements for mediation, settlement consultant and court referee work can be booked directly through Rebecca’s office.

Rebecca Callahan

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